Your Mental Health determines success: Why do you need a Cleaning Service?

Regardless of how much money we earn, people must always remind themselves that “we cannot just buy some brains in the supermarket”. This is why we must value what is given to us by God. One of the abilities that is given to us is to make decisions, but making decisions is not easy especially when our main system, which is our mind, doesn’t work effectively, due to its health condition. We need a good mindset and mental health to be able to achieve our goals. Success comes from great people with great minds and not just from having too much wealth. And to determine how we can achieve this goal of having good mental health, we must ask ourselves as to “Why do we need a cleaning service?”

So, Why do we really need a cleaning service if we could just clean our places whenever we want or maybe just skip cleaning and don’t just mind the clutter and the dust in our place that we should call as “home”, a place where we could peacefully rest and recharge ourselves privately.

Have we ever noticed how people could easily spend any dine in or take out for at least thrice or twice a day, in every week, where each meal might cost for around $3 to $5 that depends on which favorite Fast food restaurant they will choose from. We usually think that eating vegetables, fruits, and taking in necessary vitamins and supplements will be enough to make us healthy and worth living for. People also spend a lot for their physical growth, where they do not mind how much they spend for the gym, surgeries, or any beauty products, thinking that this would make them feel better and could make them have a better mood for a better mindset. Everyone is also busy checking what to wear, how they will look, and the amount of expense is really unrecognizable since we prioritize what could make us feel good and look better on the outside and not on the inside.

With all of these things mentioned above regarding where and how much we spend for other things as part of maintaining our mental health at its good quality, most of the people still missed the right way of having a better quality of mindset through spending right for our mental health.

We are always busy working for ourselves, for our businesses, for our employees, for everything we dreamed of. But have we ever checked what could really make us feel better?

We value time, as we believe that time is Gold, so time really matters. It is very understandable that we spend so much of our time working to earn better, and this also causes us to spend so much as well to keep our sanity stable caused by pressure and stress from our job responsibilities. This situation of reality makes us too busy and too tired to take good care of some of our personal responsibilities such as maintaining the cleanliness of our home, that is why, our place is always left behind with dust and clutters which we think we could just don’t mind as we make ourselves always busy outside of our home to earn for the kind of living we set for our desires.

If we could spend on our hobbies, some wine, good food, expensive clothes, why is it hard for us to spend on a cleaning service that could actually save us from the dilemma caused by the clutters and dust in our home. Most of us will say, “I could do the cleaning for myself” to intentionally save and skip some expense. But the question here is, can we really do the regular cleaning for our home or we are just saying that to skip some bills we do not really prioritize.

If we think that time is gold, then why do we need to spend our time doing the cleaning for ourselves, instead of using our time to earn or for some personal growth. A regular cleaning service will only cost around $250 to $400. And the price actually depends on how much clutter must be cleaned by the professional cleaners and on the certain measurement of the place that must be cleaned.

Isn’t it ironic that we could spend at the bar to buy liquors and happiness, or some expensive things we want, to showcase how capable we are to spend for ourselves, but in reality, it is really hard for us to spend for something that could take good care of us and our responsibilities at home, to make sure that every tiring day, we could go home at our places with better condition, view and smell. And this is why it is really helpful for anyone to have a cleaning service provider, where we could avail for a regular cleaning service that we could choose to have from choices of having it for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, that could actually save us from unseen anxiety caused by the clutters, dirts, dust at our home that is also risky both for our health and mindset.

Some people choose to do the cleaning for themselves, thinking it could save them some certain amount of money, but they never thought of how much they could spend for their medical expense once they got into some allergies caused by dust, or some disease we could get if we do not know the proper way of cleaning that most of the professional cleaners are trained about to make sure that they could provide the best quality of cleaning service that could make their clients safe and healthy.

It is not bad to be too practical, to save of course. But we should always check the way we save money and what to save from, are we really saving for our growth and safety, or just to save without even thinking about the risks we could get from what we sacrifice. Health and comfort always comes with a better price. We should love ourselves at the point we should know the value we deserve to take good care of what is really important for us.

Your mental health determines success, always remember that. How we see the world, how our mind decodes the things we see and think, makes us have a better quality of mind leading us to ideas that could give us opportunities to reach our goals of being successful. This is why we should always have personal time for ourselves. Successful people know the secret on how to be healthy in spirit and in mind. They spend their time wisely and properly. They do meditation early in the morning, take coffee, enjoy their surroundings at home, and do some things that could make them feel human like sitting comfortably in their coaches somewhere in their living area or maybe in their balcony near their beautiful gardens, before starting their day to work and be productive. And once their working days end, they will go home to gain a personal time that could give rest and peace to their mind, some choose to prepare for their own dinner, or settle somewhere in their house to read their favorite book or listen to music. And this could only be achieved if we have our places well taken care of by the most professional cleaners in the city from one of the best cleaning service providers or cleaning companies.

Always remember this 5 important tips on how to practice having a healthy daily routine:

  1. Wake up early in the morning to do morning meditation. Most successful people in the world know why they need to wake up at around 4am to 6am. Because in that period of time, our brain is awake, and it is better for us to be awake physically as well during this time to gather inner peace, and feel the energy from the sunrise. We will never have sunrise at any other time of the day. Better to watch the sun rise that symbolizes hope, wisdom, positivity, and success, than watching the sunset that gives different meaning and purpose to one’s life.
  2. Eat Chocolate in the morning. There are a number of studies and research that indicates how good and beneficial it is to eat chocolate in the morning. It helps us reduce our cravings for any sweets or other food that our body doesn’t need so much of to avoid unnecessary fats.
  3. Choose the right sounds or what to listen to in the first hour of your day! Our Brain is the CPU of our body, it decodes and makes our body absorb whatever we let it get from the surroundings. We are responsible for what we need to listen to as well as what we need to eat because we both need to feed our mind and stomach well. Always start with a meditating sound of your choice, anything calming, positive, relaxing, whichever it helps you feel that way. There is a study in japan, how much sounds, affects the function of the brain, it stimulates the neurons, and make it work effectively, that is why it is also known that people who listen with classical music are more likely to be the intelligent ones and the successful people, because they know how to provide the proper exercise for their brain.
  4. Choose what to read first or to do everyday after you wake up. Successful people do not grab bills right after they wake up. They practice good habits of taking what could help them feel always positive throughout their busy days. Our mind has no ability to be burned out, unless we give something into it that could make it feel all the burden, causing the stress and anxieties. So always choose what to read first. And always remind yourself that challenges are part of life, pass through it and never just stay unto it. Things will eventually change as heaven sees what our heart desires.
  5. Wake up in a clean home and go home in a well maintained place. Successful people know why they need an organized, no clutter, smelling good, clean home. Healthy mind needs a healthy surrounding. Our place where we live reflects how our mindset works. If it looks like no one cares, then it means that the person is irresponsible with his own success, the more clutter you may see actually can be a sign of depression or anxiety of a person who lives there. Intelligent people have a natural OCD, where they like everything in proper places, they organize well and they like things to be organized all the time. They believe that nothing is busy with a person who follow the proper system to save not just his or her money but also his or her time because they believe that even a minute can make something great, so they do not waste any of it, but also, they do not pressure themselves to go against the nature of time. 


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