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Belleza’s Home Services & Management is a family-owned, local business with several years of residential, office, and luxury cleaning services experience.
Each one of our professional cleaners is thoroughly trained, insured, and bonded and has successfully completed all the necessary safety training involved.
We make sure all routine areas and requested areas are cleaned proficiently.
We know a seamless, no-hassle start-up is essential to every customer at Belleza’s Home Services & Management; we combine up-front preparation and training with strong management and direction to ensure a smooth, successful start-up.
We look forward to the opportunity of becoming a trusted and valued partner in improving and maintaining the appearance of your home. Please call if you have any questions or need additional information before allowing us to give you a quote.


1. They know we are not the lowest priced cleaning service in the area!
  • Belleza’s Home Services & Management offers quality service at reasonable prices to hire the best-qualified cleaners to clean your home.
3. They know that Belleza’s Cleaning Company is a trustworthy service and well-known in the community.
  • Belleza’s Home Services & Management is an active member of the community.
  • Belleza’s Home Services & Management references can back up this claim.
5. They know Belleza’s Home Services & Management uses Green cleaning products, equipment, and cleaning methods that are safe for their home, employees, and visitors.
2. They know that when they hire Belleza’s Home Services & Management, they are hiring a professional cleaning company.
  • Belleza’s Home Services & Management is bonded and insured (you will receive a Certificate of Insurance from our insurance broker).
  • Belleza’s Home Services & Management conducts state and nationwide criminal background checks on all employees and partners.
  • Belleza’s Home Services & Management provide all their own supplies and equipment.
4. They know that Belleza’s Home Services & Management can provide a one-stop-shop for all their cleaning needs — no need to have multiple service providers.
6. They know Belleza’s Home Services & Management can ensure their satisfaction every time they clean their home because of low employee/partner turnover (you’ll see the same smiling faces cleaning your home), regular follow-up, and inspections, and on-going communication and feedback.

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We work to surprise our customers with every cleaning!


We have years of experience and trained professionals!


With our high quality of work, We provide Personalized services according to your expectations!

What our customers are saying?

We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every product we carry. Read our testimonials from our happy customers.