The great power of social literacy: social skills can make you successful!


Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends” it simply explains that silence is the shadow of speaking because when there is no one saying, silence exists. When there is no silence, there is speaking, but the words will remain regardless if it was not spoken.


If we will reflect in life regarding this quote, we would simply say that silence, not just speaking, can leave a significant impact on both the listener and the speaker.


Have you experienced a time when you and your friend were together, and you kept on telling him stories, but he was so silent and out of himself? Can you still remember how it made you feel? The silence made you assess his behavior and ask him about his thoughts because you assume and are sure that something is bothering him. You finally got his attention, and he told you about his troubles. It makes you empathize and rest assured that you will keep his matters private, that he can count on you, and you will be there for him. After that situation, where your friend felt your presence and concern, all your words are marked in his heart, and you became a permanent memory. What happens next? In the future, you experience trouble, and you feel like you are already at a dead end; fortunately, someone shares a helping hand, and he saves your life out of darkness, and then afterward, you recognize, the hand that holds you is the hand that you once helped in the past through sharing your comfort and your presence.


Like the saying, “A friend in need is a friend indeed, “ surely, a friend who helps us in our greatest downfall is a friend we cannot forget in our most tremendous success.


To further explain what these quotes mean to our lives, we must go ahead and start with this question, “how does social literacy make a great impact on the success of a person?”.


Oprah Winfrey, Jack Ma, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, Barack Obama, Jose Rizal, and Miriam Defensor Santiago are the names part of the list of successful men and women who came from different countries and have different cultures, who were once a child and raised in different ways, but succeeded all at once because of the same passion they have shared, which is communication and social literacy. 


Social skills, as part of social literacy, engaged in a lot of forms of communication, is the ability of a person to effectively apply the skills towards communication in different methods, in their daily life and different people they usually interact with, where they get engaged in the process of speaking and comprehending, may it be in the form of interpersonal communication or intrapersonal communication. 


Interpersonal communication is a form of process for communication wherein a sender of a message exists and the receiver, who must understand the message being transmitted by the sender, responds after comprehending the news; in other words, there is “Understanding” that forms the healthy system and process of their talk. 


Intrapersonal communication is the total opposite of interpersonal communication, wherein the communication engages within oneself; this is the process of receiving and sending a message where a person only speaks to themself. This form of communication is always helpful when we need to clear something on our mind and gain control of ourselves; I believe that successful communication starts with this, where we teach ourselves to communicate effectively through spending time talking with our inner self; this helps us to get to know more about who we are, and what we are, or the purpose we hold in our life on earth—a Very good way to succeed in having social literacy as well.


I believe that an influential person is they who knows to use their words as a weapon to defeat their enemies. It isn’t enough to shed blood to win our battles. This is a desperate act to beat. And a great person wins someone’s heart through their mind, where their words are the most significant weapons they have to have someone defeated or make them submit, not through their fear of being executed by force and abused in power. Thus,  knowing how to communicate, the different methods of communication, and the different types of communication, i ind best way to be educated on how to have social literacy and how to succeed through it.


A person who would like to be successful must know how to express their thoughts in public at the right time and the right way; for us to do that, we must practice both interpersonal and intrapersonal communication.


Social skills require good comprehension and active listening, but it also demands having control of one’s intelligence over emotions. An intelligent person is not defined as a person who knows how to write and read. Still, the intelligence of a person depends on how he could master of different “Quotients of intelligence” this includes both the emotional quotient and Social Quotient, where the two work together, and indeed powerful to make anyone’s war to be in its triumph.


Controlling one’s emotions sounds easy, but only a few, and it is rare to achieve one’s mastery to its own self. It is deadly for someone to chase its inner self; you can be lost or get trapped in your own mind’s maze once you have no control over your thoughts. Schizophrenia is one of the mental conditions you might experience with trying to manage your inner you. But this is not impossible, and if you succeed in having mastery for your mind, spirit, and soul, you will have a perspective in life that you never have before. You can see things you never imagined you could. You will grow as a tree with its roots adequately settled in the ground. You could gain power over yourself and never be manipulated by someone else. You can play with someone’s thoughts without even noticing that you could. There will be spiritual awakeness. And an endless dimension for you to grasp for learning will be available as well. You will be a person too different from what you were before and what you are now. But to be able to achieve this, there will be great sacrifices, practices, reading, observation, experience, and a need for a person who could guide you sincerely with this journey. 


Remember how people made choices in buying things and availing products, wherein a good advertisement with not so good products, can make people buy, than a good product with ineffective advertisement which always falls behind. Yes it is a sad story, but that’s true. How about in Job application? An employee who have confidence in speaking and good personality but with no good academic score card, has a higher chance of being hired on his job, than an employee who have all the titles and good academic scorecard, but can’t speak well to answer his employer’s question about some tricky questions they could provide to trap you and judge you in a place where you could look as if you are ineffective and unwilling to work with them. Another sad story, but true. Lastly in politics, one who speaks well in public, catches people’s heart, than someone who is truly true in serving people but doesn’t have the ability to speak without a script. Sad but true.


Therefore, social literacy is very important. And having knowledge towards effective communication is the key for us to achieve such skills we need to succeed in our life full of social demands. The realities in life, shows the significance of social literacy in all aspects. After reading all of this, does it make you realize what is really important in our life? That if you keep on running away from your reading activity, speaking activity, comprehension activity and communication activity, it keeps you away from opportunities to succeed in life, as well. That a person who speaks nothing, surely knows nothing. That we do not understand something because we do not know how to understand but because we are too lazy to give time for knowing how to understand. That it is not about what situation we have, but how we handle our situation through proper mindset and how we change the situation itself through the choice of words and how we say it. From here, you must know the great power of SOCIAL LITERACY if you would like to be successful.


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