Stress-free Living Room Cleaning: Simple Tips and Tricks!


Hooray! You no longer need to gather ingredients and mix them in your cauldron on any sleepless nights, just to make some magic spell that could solve your problem in cleaning your living room for any upcoming events with your most important visitors! All you need to do now is just read this article and find out our SECRET!


Definitely, your guests are not just curious about how your living room looks like because every Living Room looks different from one other, its decorations depend on how we dressed it up according to how we would like to represent ourselves, and that’s why usually, it’s the place we use to entertain not just ourselves, but our loved ones, friends and family which we invited and ask to come for a visit.


But we are also aware that they are not just eyeing the decor, but also for the “state of cleanliness” of your home, which would seriously be exhibited in your Living Room!


Keep Reading! And surely you will find out the Secret to stress-free Living Room Cleaning Tips and Tricks freshly harvested from an expert like us! Find out how Belleza’s Home Services and Management delivers its 5-star cleaning services experience in the busy city of Sacramento, in California!


Are you ready to know our Secret? I know you are that excited to find it out, so finally, you don’t need to have any sleepless nights just to prepare for any of your upcoming events! Okay, here’s our spell for stress-free Living Room Cleaning:


ONE. Declutter. Get rid of the things that no longer matter and don’t give you anymore any more “spark of happiness“. Make “being organized” a habit. Things in the right places are always easy to find and easy to put back, making less time to consume in cleaning. Follow this 3:3 box rule for Decluttering to help yourself Declutter. All you need to do is to take 3 boxes, and a marker and prepare to write on each box, you need to write labels to determine its’ purpose, and the purpose of each box. The First Box can be labeled as the box with anything you no longer need and ready to be given away or to be thrown away without hesitation or the possibility to have regret. The Second Box can be labeled as the box with anything you doubt to dispose of, and you feel like you would still need it someday. The Third box should be labeled as the box with anything from the Second box that you now is ready to get rid of, remember the 3 months rule, anything you put inside your Second box must have that 3 months rule wherein if you did not remember it, or use it within 3 months, it simply means that it is ready to go! Never keep something you do not actually need, that could give you clutter and dust, making space is always important, make sure that those spaces you have will definitely be used for something you love and something important. Actually, you don’t have to literally get a box to follow this 3:3 box rule for Decluttering, you can apply that even with the help of your imagination. Always remember, having a purpose is very important, if you do not want to be kept for more than 3 months or a year has no purpose, then do such as well to any of your things. Let other people who might need it, keep it and use it. That is how things work in the world! And before I forgot, keep this in your mind, we cannot determine when is our time to go for an exit from this world, if you keep too many things, and you do not want to dispose of any of them, even if those things no longer have any purpose in your life, and starts to become part of the team clutter, you must realize that you are not doing yourself a favor, but you are just fooling yourself that you can keep your things forever, remember, whatever you have right now, would be definitely thrown away by a stranger or by someone else the moment you die, so while you are still alive, get the opportunity to decide about to whom you would like to give your things no longer in need!


TWO. Choose your cleaning supplies and cleaning equipment or device very carefully! Make sure it’s the one most effective and easy to use. Be careful of the harmful materials or products that may cause damage to your precious furniture or appliances. You may ask the store where you plan to purchase the cleaning materials or equipment for any advice that is suitable for your cleaning routine, they know the best for you! It is true that asking is just what we need, indeed the key to knowing more about what is the product that suits you and your cleaning routine, that every type of home material and furniture requires different kinds of cleaning products.


THREE. Know what part of your living room requires more attention when it comes to cleaning! It is like getting to know your own skin and body, finding out which ones need more care and time for special cleaning. And always put that area on the top of your cleaning routine list! It deserves to take your most energetic and lively time as you start your cleaning. As we get tired of cleaning, we decrease our ability to focus our attention on what really matters and what we should prioritize. So remember, Plan, Write, and Make your cleaning routine carefully.


FOUR. Always keep a “theme” that looks appetizing, neat, organized, calm, and lively, for your living room. Sometimes, wrong choices of decorations can lead to making an impression of clutter instead of leaving an impression “looking like” it’s part of the “Art” you wanted to showcase as your visitors arrive.


FIVE. Lastly! Most important of all, remember this set of numbers, this is the Secret and the Magic you need among the rest, or among any tips and tricks you could find out through any research or article online. Get your pen and a piece of paper to write this down, or take out your phone to save this spell, remember this set of numbers that could bring you the magic trick at any time during business hours! It’s plus sign, number one, nine, one, six, four, six, nine, one, zero, seven, and a five. Yes! That’s easy, right? Dial our number at +1 (916) 469-1075 to contact us! We will definitely make you experience the magic! No need for a cauldron or a spell! And you can have your stress-free Living Room Cleaning as easily as just giving us a call! Don’t need to fret, Finally! you can relax and enjoy your weekends, and no need to skip your events, appointments, and schedule during working days, or any time of the day you feel like you need to just do what matters for you and what you love with any of your friends or your family! What are you waiting for? Share this Secret now, and let everyone know that there’s the easiest way to clean your most precious living room!


Oh, Living Room, surely, is a place where the memories we would create and memories we created, definitely live and stay almost forever. Indeed, the Exterior of the house is important, but you won’t like to miss it as well, having a presentable and comfortable living space both for yourself and for others. Imagine, the moment someone opens the door of the house, the first place they could definitely meet is the Living Room. Almost all the events in our lives happen in the living room, the place where we gather for any occasion, to chat, bond, sing, dance, sip tea or eat our sweets, and spend our most precious time. So, who would not like to know the most effective and best tips and tricks to clean it in a hassle-free way? Reading this article just made you find out our SECRET to having stress-free Living Room Cleaning, easy as one, two, three! Definitely like MAGIC!


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