How to Deep Clean Your Home for a Fresh Start This New Year

January 11, 2021 by Julia Weaver

It’s safe to say that just about everyone was ready to leave 2020 in the past and start brand new this January. And nothing beats a clean and tidy space when starting fresh in the new year. Our surroundings affect our mood, and any leftover clutter and dust from last year may make it difficult to get in the right headspace. That’s why now is the time to make deep cleaning your home a priority. 

We’ve asked experts, from Sacramento, CA to Atlanta, GA, to share their best cleaning and organizing tips that you can implement into your routine today. From DIY solutions to tried-and-true techniques, these cleaning tips will help you get your space, and your mind, in the right place for the new year.

A living room that has been deep cleaned

Remember to always clean top to bottom

For example, in the kitchen start on the top cabinets and clean down. Floors are always last. That way, if you’re getting dirt and dust from the upper parts of the home they’ll fall down and not create any more mess. – Maid Complete

Set a reminder every six months

Set a reminder on your Smartphone to clean the inside of your kitchen appliances, ceiling fans, mini blinds, vents, and baseboards every six months. – Spotless Angel

Keep your shower doors spotless

After cleaning shower doors, wipe them with rain-x (yes, the stuff you use on your windshield). This will keep water from sitting on the glass and leaving water stains. You can also keep a squeegee in your shower to keep your doors sparkling. For easy microwave cleaning, fill a microwave-safe bowl halfway with water. Microwave until the water is boiling. Let the microwave sit and fill with steam. The steam will soften up any baked-on messes. – Happy Maids

Keep your wood floors in great condition

Wood floors are sensitive to foot traffic so here is what you can do to extend the life of your wood floors. 1) Use an entryway mat to capture sand and grit. 2) Dampen your mop frequently but don’t soak your mop with water or you could damage the floor. 3) Avoid harsh cleaners as they can damage the floor. Only use neutral pH wood floor cleaners. – Cimara Cleaning Services

Clean vents and change filters for healthy air

When deep cleaning your home, remember that clean air is important to good health. Be sure to dust the upper and lower air vents in every room. Then change the filters in your forced air heating and cooling system. This keeps the unit running smoothly and the air in your home clear. – Bay Cleaning

Steam clean your carpets

Vacuuming your carpet and upholstery is needed regularly but it doesn’t give perfect results, especially if you have pets. Did you know we walk half a mile daily on carpets in our home? Can you imagine how many miles we walk in a year? Try a steam cleaning method with eco-green solutions to get ideal results. Your carpet, rugs, or upholstery are going to look brand new. – SimplyPure Cleaning

Disinfect with electrostatic technology

When deep cleaning your home, you should also disinfect all frequently touched surfaces. Cleaning will leave your home looking great, while disinfecting will kill any harmful pathogens that will make you sick. Any household disinfectant will work, but always read the disinfectant’s label to ensure you are allowing it to dwell on the surface long enough to be effective. If you are selling or buying a home, you may consider hiring a professional to perform electrostatic disinfection to ensure the home is 100% germ-free. – OctoClean

Assign a cleaning task for each day of the week

The best way to keep things in my house organized and clean is to simply set a day for a cleaning task and get it done regularly, that way there’s no build-up of dust and dirt. Designate a day for mopping, cleaning out the fridge, laundry, and so on. Simple things like wiping down the stove after each use to avoid grease build-up, or lining the fridge shelves/cupboard shelves can make a big difference. – Eli’s Cleaning Services

A living room that has been deep cleaned

Use a broom for hard-to-reach places

New year, new vacuum! Just kidding, vacuums don’t always get to every space in the house. Make 2021 your year – if you have hard floors, use a broom once a month before you vacuum to get those hard to reach places like under the bed and behind the sofa to pull out the hidden dirt into the open space and use your vacuum to pick it up. – Clean That

Pick up pet hair with a squeegee or rubber glove

Use a rubber glove or a rubber edge squeegee to remove pet hair from carpet or upholstery. Run the squeegee or glove over the fur-covered surface. The hair will cling to the glove or collect in a pile for easy vacuuming or disposal. – Baltimore Home Cleaning

Find a rotating cleaning schedule that works for you

Don’t wear yourself out cleaning for an entire day on a regular basis. Instead, spread things out by cleaning on a rotating schedule. For example, spend a few minutes a day cleaning the counters after cooking, clean bathrooms and floors on a weekly basis, and keep dusting as a once a month task. – Bristle Cleaning in Louisville, KY

Clean room-by-room

Select a room, like the bathroom, for example. Focus on removing all items from the cabinets and clean and organize. Remove dust from all areas and clean the baseboards with a wet cloth and a disinfectant. Scrub the sink, bathtub, and toilet with a whitening solution so it will be easier to scrub. Clean the mirrors using a solution with 40% alcohol, 7 drops of dish soap, and 60% water and put in a spray bottle to clean mirrors and windows. Remove the trash and vacuum and mop the floor. Exchange towels for fresh ones. – Bellezas Home Services

Optimize your organization

Sorting and prioritizing what items are essential to a productive lifestyle will help you get your house just where you want it to be in the new year! – Go Green Cleaning Experts

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